Modern Grandiflora Collection - Sweet Pea Seeds

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Bred from the older Victorian "Grandiflora" sweet peas, these rare, modern varieties generally have smaller but more abundant flowers than "Spencers". If it's scent you want, Modern Grandiflora's are the ones to grow - all the varieties in this collection pack a real perfumed punch!

Modern Grandiflora Sweet Peas in this collection are:

  • Little Red Riding Hood - red and white petals 
  • Scarlett- rich-red blooms 
  • Mary Lou Heard - a beautiful climbing lilac-purple sweet pea
  • Blackberry - rich berry-red flowers
  • Heathcliff - deep emperor-purple petals
  • Cathy - lemon sorbet flowers
  • Duchy of Cambridge - rich purple and pinks
  • Memories - deep pink petals
  • Romeo - white petals with purple edges

Sweet peas are incredibly easy to grow, the seeds are large and easy to handle and they germinate readily given a bit of warmth and moisture. They are the quintessential cottage garden variety and are perfect for beginners, especially children.

Unwins have been breeding sweet peas for over 100 years. We recommend starting the seed off in rootrainers and then planting out once they become established (normally in March/April) in a sunny, open position in the garden.

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Catalogue Number 5010-2148
  • Quantity 9x Packs of 20 Seeds, 1x of Each Variety
  • Height 2.5m / 100in
  • Sowing distance 20cm / 8in

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£15.99 each
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