Multi-Purpose Hooked Knife

£5.99 each

A multi-purpose knife with more than one blade to suit many a job in the garden and on your allotment.

The hooked stainless steel blade on one side fits between paving slabs to rid those troublesome deep-rooted weeds like tufted grass and dandelions as well as performs pruning tasks to get rid of dead, weak and diseased stems.

The straight blade on the other side is ideal for cutting turves when laying and repairing lawns, or dividing perennials to increase the flowers in your garden.

The vegetable gardener really sees the benefits. The knife is ideal for cutting asparagus, cabbages, lettuces and for trimming leeks and root vegetables. Just so practical for cutting string, for tying in plants and cutting horticultural fleece to the desired dimensions.

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Catalogue Number 1090-3461
  • Quantity 1x Multi-Purpose Knife
  • Height 20cm/8in

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£5.99 each
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