Narcissus Avalon - Daffodil Bulbs

£6.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Varieties suitables for cutting
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Hardy Perennial - sow indoors or on a seedbed (April-June); transplant later to flower for many seasons

Beautiful tall daffodil variety with lemon-coloured petals look beautiful in the flower bed for the onset of spring.

Attractive flowers look like cups and saucers so they are not only pretty but extra fun for children to see and great to introduce them to gardening.

Pretty central trumpets turn white over the season for an on-going changing display in spring.

This variety makes a beautiful contrast with dark-coloured tulips like Ronaldo. 

Grow at the front or middle of your flower borders in sun or shade or in containers; plant 12 in a 30cm (12in) container. 

How your bulbs will look on arrival?

You receive our spring-flowering bulbs in autumn in a plastic mesh. This is to keep the bulbs together in a pack which is nice and airy – perfect to keep the bulbs healthy while in transit. 

Can’t plant straight away?

You can keep your bulbs in a cool, light and airy place like a garage with a window or porch if you cannot plant straight away. Look to planting within 7 days.

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Catalogue Number 2100-6527
  • Quantity 12x Narcissus Bulbs
  • Height 45cm / 18in

Delivery: Late September to Late November

£6.99 each
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