Nature's Clay 1kg

£8.99 each

  • Improves water health
  • Gives fish a good appetite
  • Easy to use 

Pour some pond-friendly clay into your pond and help keep the scales and fins of pond fish shining, vibrant and healthy. The clay rids the toxins in your pond water, absorbing water impurities and correcting water inbalances. Comprising 78 minerals the clay helps give fish a healthy appetite and improves water clarity significantly.

Keep your fish in tip-top condition with this montimorillonite clay and note the increase in lustre from them when you add this mineral-rich clay which acts as a tonic.

Simply use at the dose advised on the pack and you’ll be helping to keep the water environment in top condition and ideal for fish like koi, orfes and shubunkins.

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Catalogue Number 1090-2263
  • Quantity 1x 1kg Pouch

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£8.99 each
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