Natures Haven Easy Wildflowers Mix 1.5kg

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Nature’s Haven Easy Wildflowers Mix

The perfect mix of easy to grow wildflowers specially selected to bring bees, butterflies and beneficial insects into the garden.

This free flowering mix combines countryside flowers such as ox-eye daisies, corn poppies, cornflowers and corn marigolds with a granular fertiliser. Simply shake the pack, scatter the seed and water!

Ideal for filling gaps, creating a wildflower area, or simply to give a cost effective, wildlife friendly border.



Sow in spring from Mar to May for flowers this summer and autumn. Or sow between August and October for an earlier display next year.

Prepare the soil by weeding well and rake the area.



Water regularly until established, Water gently to avoid disturbing the seed.

Thin out seedlings if necessary to give them room to grow and protect emerging seedlings from slugs.


Covers 6 sq. m/ 3 flower beds 

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£7.99 each
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