Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer (Autumn) 100sq.m

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Nemasys Chafer Grub is an environmentally friendly control against one of the top rated biggest garden pest - Chafer Grubs.

Chafer grubs eat grass roots. Grass growth slows and yellow patches appear. Grass is easily pulled up, with little or no root growth. Not only this wild animals such as foxes are always on the look out for Grubs so will dig your lawn up in search of them.

The benefits of Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer:

  • Easy to apply
  • Extremely Effective
  • Harmless to children, pets, birds and wildlife
  • Unlike many chemicals, can assist wildlife in combating pests without posing a risk to wildlife itself
  • Perfectly safe to use on all lawn types 

How to Use Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer
Use Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer to deal with a chafer grub infestation, without any of the precautions associated with chemical use, such as excluding children and pets from treated areas until dry or the question of what to do about grazing pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

Apply to moist lawns during August and early October. This is when the young grub larvae are active and the temperature is above 12ºC (54ºF).

Immediately after applying the nematodes, water the grass well so the nematodes are washed into the soil to reach the roots where the chafer grubs will be. Make sure the lawn does not dry out after applying nematodes. Keep the lawn well watered for at least two weeks.

Do not apply too late, since the grubs start to move down deeper in the soil and become inactive until the following spring. However, as this move downwards is temperature dependent, in some years it may still be alright to apply later. As long as the grubs are near the surface and the soil temperature is above 12ºC (54ºF) nematodes can still be applied.

The nematodes seek out the chafer grubs and attack the pest by entering natural body openings. Once inside, they release bacteria that stops the pest from feeding, quickly killing the pest. They do not stop there. The nematodes reproduce inside the dead pest and release a new generation of hungry  nematodes, which disperse and search for further prey.

What is a chafer grub and how do they live?
Chafer grubs are cream coloured and about 1.5 cm (0.6 inch) in length, have distinctive legs, and are found in the root systems of plants and lawns.

What damage does a chafer grub do?
They attack grass roots. Grass growth slows and yellow patches appear. Grass is easily pulled up, with little or no root growth. Wildlife, such as foxes and badgers, can also create a lot of damage as they dig up your lawn in search of grubs for food. Chafer Grub damage can ruin lawns

Rooks, magpies, crows and woodpeckers feeding on your lawn are a good sign of a chafer grub infestation.
Chafer beetles emerge from the lawn. They lay their eggs, which hatch into grubs feeding on the grass roots before burrowing deep into the ground. They then lie dormant deep in the soil before moving to the surface in the spring to emerge as beetles again.

If the chafer's life cycle is not broken re-infestation occurs and the problem gets progressively worse.

When you receive your pack of Nemasys, place it in the refrigerator immediately and use in one go within the use by date (which can be up to four weeks)

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