Nemasys Fruit & Veg Protection 60sq.m Pack

Natural fruit & veg protection GYO

£6.99 each

Nemasys Fruit & Veg Protection GYO Pest Control is a unique mix of different nematode species to target a broad range of pests.

It has been specifically researched to combat:

  • Carrot & Cabbage Root Fly
  • Caterpillars & Cutworms
  • Onion Fly
  • Sciarid Fly
  • Thrips & Gooseberry Sawfly
  • Codling Moth


The great benefit of Nemasys Fruit & Veg Protection is that it provides a simple solution to target key insect pests, with regular application you need not worry about these troublesome critters.

When you receive your pack of Fruit & Veg Protection, place it in the refrigerator immediately and use within the use by date (which can be up to four weeks).

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Catalogue Number 1090-3827
  • Quantity 1x 60sq.m Pack

Delivery: Early April to Late October

£6.99 each
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