Nemasys No Ants

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Manage an ant attack easily with Nemasys No Ants- a concentrate of microscpoic biological nematodes you simply mix with water and apply onto the affected area or entry holes to any colonies.

The nematodes attack the soft grubs and eggs and let the adult ants know they are not welcome. The adult ants move on leaving your garden free of the ants that can damage your lawn, borders and patios.

Just water the nematodes directly into the nest by means of watering can.

Apply April to September to a well-watered lawn or border.

Soil temperature must be at least 10ºC/50ºF and there should be evidence of ants already.

The microscopic transparent worm controls the soft eggs and grubs of both black and red ants.

Repeat treatment if needed or treat up to 16 nests with one pack.

Safe for children, pets, wildlife and lawns.

Nematodes will attack the young ant grubs so allow 10-14 days for visible effect.

When you get your pack of Nemasys, we recommend that you place it in the refrigerator immediately and use within the use-by-date (up to four weeks).

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£12.99 each
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