Nemasys Vine Weevil Control (12sq.m Pack)

£10.99 each

  • Kill weevil grubs and save your flowers
  • Natural solution safe to children and pets
  • Easy to apply - simply mix with water

Use this natural nematode base solution to kill the vine weevil grubs that eat the roots of your favourite flowers.

By using Nemasys twice a year - in the spring and again in autumn (to control larvae resulting from eggs laid in the summer) you can maintain healthy plants free from the damaging larvae.

The pack is sufficient for up to 160 pots or 12 square metres (square yards) of flower bed.  

Please note: The ground temperature needs to be above 5 degrees for the predatory nematodes to be active.

When you receive your pack of Nemasys, place it in the refrigerator immediately and use within the use by date (which can be up to four weeks).

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Catalogue Number 1090-3820
  • Quantity 1x 12sq.m Pack

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£10.99 each
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