New Fen Globe Onion Sets (Heat Prepared)

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  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Recommended for Exhibition growing
  • Grow from as early as March for earlier harvests in autumn
  • Establishes well in the average vegetable plot
  • Stands up to an unpredicatble UK summer

A well-flavoured onion variety well-known in the growing world to produce big harvests whatever the summer brings weather-wise. Grown in a vegetable plot - be it a rasied bed or in a typical allotment row - you can enjoy more than a few dozens of onions which store perfectly in a cool garage for a winter-long supply for the kitchen table.

Grown as a regular-sized crop, every pack of approximately 75 sets (heat-treated by us to prevent your plants from growing a seed-head which in turn affects the bulb-growing ability) produces around 22.5kg (50lbs) or more of top quality onions to show-case your skills.

You can even show your New Fen Globe onions at the local vegetable show. We recommend you read the helpful advice of the National Vegetable Society for growing champion-sized onions. Simply click on their Growing for Show Advice page.

Enjoy your harvests from late summer and into early autumn; we suggest you give time to dry the bulbs naturally before storing them. Just leave them hanging on a hook outdoors for around a week if rain is not due, and covered if rain is forecasted. Kept in a cool, dry and airy place, your stored bulbs will stay in good condition right through to the following May.

Plant in free-draining soil in early March, allowing the roots to get firmly established while there is a good amount of moisture in the soil. This guards them against summer drought should it arise in the hotter months.

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Catalogue Number 1040-6000
  • Quantity Approx. 75 Onion sets (250g)

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£4.49 each
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