New Horizon Tomato Planter Bag 40L

£7.99 each

  • 35 litres of naturally peat free compost
  • A perfect blend of Biofibre, West+ formulation and Coir+ to boost instant plant energy, let roots and leaves thrive and sustain nutrients for longer
  • Enriched with organic tomato feed for the best possible crop of juicy, tasty tomatoes
  • Perfect for growing two plants
  • Great for indoor and outdoor tomatoes
  • Ideal for peppers and other salad crops
  • NEW planting method for deeper roots & easy watering

Grow bigger and better tomatoes by giving your plants the best soil environment. With the New Horizon Tomato Planter your tomato plants are rewarded to perfectly structured and nutrient-rich compost at an ideal depth for great, unimpeded root growth.

Regular tomato grow bags are difficult to water and tend to be too shallow, denying the tomato plants the room to put down a good set of roots. With New Horizon Tomato Bag Planter your roots have more space to develop with encourages better and more productive stem and leaf development which in turn promotes more flowers and fruit.

Useful Tip:

You simply roll the bag and shake to open up the compost. Simply cut the bag lengthwise along the dotted line. Make two holes and place your two tomato plants as shown on the packet. Water each day in the morning or evening and combine with a feed three days after flowers appear.

Additional delivery charges apply when you order more than two bags.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4651
  • Quantity 1x 40L Tomato Growing Bag
  • Size 60cm x 45cm x 10cm

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£7.99 each
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