Night Phlox Midnight Candy - Seeds

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Varieties good as dried flowers
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Attracts Bees
  • Super heady flowers and leaves
  • Rare snowflake-like flowers
  • Wonderful in pots or by pathways 

This annual flower is for you if you enjoy heady scent from your flowers. The scent is so enchanting that we recommend you plant night phlox Midnight Candy is a spot where you and your guests can take in the perfume. A pathway or in pots by a seasing area outside are two suggestions of ours.

The scent accumulates as the day goes on and reaches a high at dusk; great for evening barbecues and summer parties. The leaves are equally well-scented for extra impact on the nose and visually the unusual snowflake-like flowers really turn heads.

Useful tip:

Sow night phlox Midnight Candy between February and April, two or three seeds to a 9cm pots filled with soil and covered by a thin layer of vermiculite. When your seeds germinate keep them watered from below and mist the leaves. In May to June position your plant in the centre of a pot or in the centre of flower beds.

Midnight Candy can be continued to the next season if you protect the plants well over winter. Either bring the pots indoors or cover the plants with a double-layer of horticultural fleece over the winter.

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Catalogue Number 3021-0659
  • Quantity 225x Flower Seeds
  • Height Up To: 25cm / 10in

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£2.49 each
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