Nuts About Birds Bundle

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£19.99 each

  • Great feeder and nuts offer, perfect for garden birds
  • 2.5kg quality peanuts, sorted and cleaned
  • Acorn bird feeder, durable and decorative
  • Large capacity, 22cm height, 14cm across
  • Attractive to tits, woodpeckers, even nuthatches

Take advantage of this fantastic deal of an Acorn Bird Feeder, resembling the iconic National Trust logo and a mark of Britishness along with a 2.5kg bag of quality peanuts, cleaned and tested for aflatoxins so your garden birds are treated to nuts which are healthy, disease-free and full of essential energy.

At just £19.99 which includes the postage this Nuts About Birds Bundle of 2.5kg peanuts and Acorn Bird Feeder is the perfect offer to treat your birds and save your purse.

When you receive your feeder the poly-resin acorn cup screws off and on for easy filling. The cage allows birds to cling and feed simultaneously and can cater for up to five hungry birds at any one time.

Just pop your feeder onto a hook, a nail or a slim branch – whatever suits your space. The durable metal cage is weatherproof in the winter and summer alike. Great news for your birds and year-round enjoyment for you.

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Catalogue Number 80605554
  • Quantity 1x Peanut Feeder & 2.5kg Bag of Peanuts
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