Nyger Seed 12.75kg Duo

£49.98 each

  • Recommended by British Trust for Ornithology
  • Watch colourful finches flock to your feeder
  • Help small vulnerable garden birds
  • Oil-rich to promote colourful and healthy feathers
  • Cost effective, 2x12.75kg sacks, delivered to your door

Get 2 x 12.75kg sacks of oil-rich nyger seeds (niger seeds) to attract finches into your garden like goldfinches, redpolls, greenfinches and other species. This dependable and high-energy source of food is a hit for colourful goldfinches, charming garden birds with pretty colours and lilting bird song.

Oil-rich nyger seeds provide a healthy source of bird food that promotes healthy feathers, essential for birds in the breeding season from spring and essential in the cold winter too when they need a thick, insulating layer of downy feathers.             

You receive two 12.75kg sacks of nyger seeds, enough to fill an average nyger seed feeder more than 30 times. We recommend you store your sacks of bird food in air-tight containers to keep your nyger seeds fresh and healthy.

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Catalogue Number 80200075
  • Quantity 2x 12.75kg Sacks

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£49.98 each
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