Nyger Seed 12.75kg

£29.99 each

  • A healthy source of energy for garden birds
  • Economical 12.75kg bag; lasts birds for up to 12 weeks
  • British Trust of Ornithology (BTO) approved
  • Attracts flocks of goldfinches and siskins
  • Rich in oil for healthy feathers and bones

A favourite of many garden birds including goldfinches and siskins, this large, great-value bag of nyger seeds will last for up to 12 weeks of feeding.

Watch birds full of colour and character feed in your garden and let nature provide the entertainment for you. Simply fill your nyger seed feeders and hang them in your garden, ready for your favourite birds to come and visit.

Every nyger seed is naturally packed with essential oils, great for feather and bone health and full of energy to keep garden birds active and a joy to watch. By using nyger seeds in your feeders, you’ll be encouraging birds into your garden and be playing a part in helping bird conservation in the UK.

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Catalogue Number 80200070
  • Quantity 1x 12.75kg bag

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£29.99 each
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