Onion Set Collection Heat Prepared with Fertiliser

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  • Heat prepared for you for stronger crops
  • Our favourite three onions as a collection
  • Long crops all year round.
  • Low maintenance and easy to grow.

Specially bred to minimise bolting, essentially enhancing your chances of stronger healthier harvests. You will get stronger yields, greater taste and packed full of flavour variation our heat prepared Onion sets collection is our trio collection that brings together the perfect combo of what we consider to be our best Onions that we have to offer, essentially for stronger yields, greater taste and packed full of flavour variation.

Our collection consists of Fen Early (Spitfire), Red Fen (Garnet) and Onion Rumba. A collection of 3 sets. 1 set of each variety has approximately 75 in a set.

About the onions

Red Fen Early is also known as the spitfire Onion will be one of your earliest croppers, don’t feel rushed to eat right away though, this onion stores so well, that your spring harvests will hold until winter. Unavailable to buy in supermarkets or anywhere else, so it really will bring a new taste to your dinner plate.   

If you want colour in your dishes then the Red Fen will give you just that. It produces a vibrant red colour and is crammed full of flavour, to add wonderful colour and taste to dishes.

Consistent in growth and Ideal for eating raw and throwing straight onto your salads. Onion Rumba is the final addition in this collection. One of our top performers as rated by our customers. It is a high producing large onion.

You will want to give your crops the best possible chance to flourish. That is why we have included in our 5* rated onion feed. Packed full of the essential nutrients required to really get the best from your crops.

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Catalogue Number 1040-6018
  • Quantity 225 Onion sets (approx. 75 sets (250g) of every variety)

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£10.99 each
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