Onion Sets Collection (Heat Prepared)

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  • Will flower well in full sun

This fantastic heat prepared Onion Collection has been specifically heat-treated for 20 weeks to minimise bolting. Heat preparation will also extend the growth period of the onions so that much greater yields can be achieved. 

Our Heat Prepared Collection includes 1 pack each of:

Marshalls Fen Early  - A truly superb onion which produces one of the earliest crops from a spring planting.The bulbs will keep much better than other early types – right through until the end of winter. The sets have undergone a partial heat preparation to improve performance and prevent bolting.

Marshalls Red Fen - A clear winner in our trials, Red Fen’s performance was excellent. It has a round shape and a deep-red colour with a good flavour. It stores well and because it is heat prepared is more resistant to bolting

Rumba - A top performing main crop variety that’s ideally suited to growing in the UK. It produces high yields of large, uniform, round onions with a sweet flavour, making it ideal for eating raw in salads as well as cooking. Good thick skin and quality flesh makes this a good variety for long-term storing.

Sets will be released from the preparation rooms just as soon as they are ready for planting.

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Catalogue Number 1040-6017
  • Quantity Onion collection:225 sets (75 (250g) of every variety)

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