Onion Sets - Rose Gold (Heat Prepared)

£4.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • New and rare pink/white variety
  • Delivered to you in hygienic mesh bags
  • Grow in containers or beds 

Rose Gold offers you the prettiest of onions in white and pink growing on strong, dependable plants. In the kitchen enjoy them for salads or try it in casseroles.

This rare variety gives you full and well-sized-sizes bulbs from late summer. Just harvest your plants as the green leaves start to yellow and wilt whether this is from a raised planter such as a Veg Trug or directly from an allotment bed.

How to plant:

Get the soil ready by raking the area after scattering the granules of some pre-planting Onion, Garlic and Shallot Feed over the area. Etch out a shallow row in the soil and place your sets (pre-planted bulbs) 10-12cm (4- 4 1/2in) apart. Fill that row back up with soil so that the tapered tops of the sets are poking above the soil. We recommend you keep the soil moist especially in dry spells.

Useful tip:

Keep weeds under control between the onions plants as they are growing to give your onions maximum light, water and nutrients from the soil. Your onions are ready to lift when the leaves wilt and yellow. This will be around the end of August.

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Catalogue Number 1040-6110
  • Quantity Approx. 75x Onion Sets (250g)

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£4.99 each
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