Onion Spring Planting Duo (Stuttgarter and Rose Gold)

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  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Varieties that, in our selector's opinion, have exceptional flavour
  • Great value duo pack
  • Around 150 planting sets in total
  • Great for flavour and speciality salads
  • Ideal for growing in UK plots

Enjoy this great-value duo collection of popular spring-planting varieties Rose Gold and Stuttgarter. From spring enjoy planting up these quality pre-planting bulbs (sets) that arrive to you in well-ventilated packs to keep your sets dry and healthy as they make their journey from our nursery to your door.

You receive a 250g bag each of varieties Rose Gold and Stuttgarter, both with around 75 sets in every pack.

Rose Gold:

Rose Gold is a rare pink/white variety that gives you the prettiest of slice onion from bulbs growing on robust and reliable plants. Rose Gold scores high marks both in the kitchen for salads and an essential ingredient to gamey casseroles and does well for performance outdoors during the growing process.


Onion Stuttgarter has a great skin quality, making it an excellent choice for the home gardener. It has a sweet, smooth and very mild taste, delicious for both salads and cooking. The bulbs have a slightly flattened shape, excellent keeping qualities and are very slow to bolt.

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Catalogue Number 1040-6127
  • Quantity 150x Onion Sets, 75x of Each Variety
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