Onion Triple Pack (Rumba, Fen Early and New Fen Globe)

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Varieties that, in our selector's opinion, have exceptional flavour
  • Three spring-planting home-grown onion varieties Rumba, Fen Early and New Fen Globe
  • Impressive F1 and Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit varieties
  • Great for container-growing or growing directly in beds
  • Harvests ready from late summer and into autumn for different dishes
  • Heat-prepared planting sets to prevent plants from seeding at the cost of bulb development

Enjoy getting big harvests of spring-planting onion varieties Rumba, Fen Early and New Fen Globe. All can be planted in early spring to develop over spring and summer into big and full-flavoured bulbs perfect for a range of different dishes, sauces and salads.

You receive one bag each of the following varieties, packaged and delivered to your door in healthy, airy bags so your pre-planting sets stay dry, fresh and healthy when they reach you.

Onion Rumba (75 pre-planting sets/250g)

Grow onion Rumba; a top-performing main crop variety that’s ideal for growing in the UK. Rumba produces high yields of large, uniform, round onions with a sweet flavour, making it ideal for eating raw in salads as well as cooking.

Onion Fen Early (75 pre planting sets/250g)

A superb and handsome chestnut-skin onion producing one of the earliest crops from a spring planting.Fen Early keeps much better than other early types too so you can store them somewhere cool and ventilated until you need them.

Onion New Fen Globe (75 pre planting sets/250g)

For onions with impressive size reaching up to 0.5kg (1lb) in weight and making an excellent showbench specimen for growing champion-sized onions. With an extra-long storage capacity.

Plant in free-draining soil in early March, (don't worry about them bolting- we heat-treat your bulbs to prevent this from happening) allowing the roots to establish well while there is still plenty of moisture in the soil. This gives them a head-start and steels them against summer drought should it arise.

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Catalogue Number 1040-6129
  • Quantity 225x Onion Sets, 75x of Each Variety
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