Organic Extra Fertiliser - 44ltr Sack

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£22.99 each

Enough to use on an average 23 ft by 7ft (7m x 2m) plot 30 times. That's under £1 per application to boost all your fruit,vegetable and salads for a year.

Our exclusive super-concentrated organic fertiliser is light and easy to use. It contains essential trace elements and minerals to boost healthy growth and encourage bumper crops and beautiful flowers.

Its organic fertiliser is released to plants over a long period and because it is concentrated you only need a couple of handfuls per sq. yd. Unlike fresh manure or chemical fertilisers, it won’t scorch plants so you can use it everywhere.

SAVE £35.90 with the double pack offer! *Saving based on buying 4x 11ltr buckets

* Mix into the soil surface before sowing and planting vegetable crops or ornamental plants to aid moisture retention and rapid growth.

* Add to water to make a liquid feed.

*Incorporate into the root zone before planting soft fruit and use as a top dressing for fruit.

* Incorporate during winter digging to add organic matter.

For orders of 3 bags or more additional delivery charges will apply.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4605
  • Quantity 1 x 44ltr Sack

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£22.99 each
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