Oxygenator Bunch Collection - Pond Plants 1x3

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Oxygenating Plants help keep water in ponds aerated and pond life healthy. Planting depths for pond plants are grouped depending on whether the plants need reliably moist, boggy soil or deeper water to grow in.


Ceratophyllum demersum

Commonly called Hornwort this is a dense, mat forming plant with insignificant flowers. 

Flowers July Height 5cm/2in. Spread 1m/39in 


Fontinalis antipyretica

This fresh green oxygenating pond plant, also known as the common water moss, adds oxygen to your pond which helps to keep pondwater clear and healthy, and contributes to a lovely-looking pond.


Myriophyllum spicatum

This hard-working aquatic remains underwater releasing all-important oxygen for pondlife. It can grow in water 3m (10ft) deep but is best established in shallower water and allowed to acclimatise gradually. Drop in your pond as a weighted bunch or plant in soil in aquatic pots.

Height 15cm/6in. 


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Catalogue Number 5120-7313
  • Quantity 1 of each bunch
  • Height Various
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