Paraffin Greenhouse Heater

£79.99 each

Keep your plants in greenhouses warm over the cold autumn and winter weather and keep frosts at bay using a paraffin heater in your greenhouse.

There are many advantages to using a paraffin heater over electric heaters, they are quick to set up, have cheaper running costs to run and will radiate heat throughout your greenhouse.

As the paraffin heater is a stand-alone unit you have the flexibility to move the heater around the greenhouse providing heat to plants where you need it.

The paraffin heater will heat an area of up to 15 sqm in your greenhouse. Made of tough and durable metal. Paraffin not included.

Technical Specifications:

Consumption: 0.24-0.28 Litres/Hour

Min power: 8.62 Kilojoules/Hour

Max power: 9.2 Kilojoules/Hour

Tank Capacity: 4.4 Litres

Combustion Hour: 18 Hours

Coverage: 15 Square Meters

Fuel Type: Fuel free from impurity

Weight: 3.6 Kilograms

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Catalogue Number 1090-2101
  • Quantity 1x Heater

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£79.99 each
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