Parasene Superwarm 5 Heater

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Sturdy-based and reliable heater ideal for bringing on young plants in a cold frame or greenhouse up to 5 square metres (54 square feet), or as an anti-frost heater in a larger structure.

Convects heat for a greenhouse up to 2 x 2 ½ m (6 x 8 ft) to really bring on crops, or acts as anti-frost heater in a larger space.

Filled the tank with fuel and your greenhouse or coldframe will get 3 and a half days of continuous burning time.

It’s amazing how much your crops will flower and fruit for generous harvests later on, with just a little extra ambient heat.

Capacity: 4.5 litres

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Catalogue Number 1090-2088
  • Quantity 1 Superwarm 5 Heater
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