PatioGro Irrigation Kit

£24.99 each

Perfect for the PatioGro®, this innovative system comes complete with twelve leads and nozzles, one for each tray. These Nozzles are fully adjustable to control the required flow of water and can be individually switched off. Controlling the water flow is very important because mature plants need a lot more water than young plants. The water flow is so easy to control you just turn the nozzle to increase or decrease it. You can attach the system to your PatioGro® with the clips supplied and attach to your hose with the quick connect attachment supplied and all twelve trays are watered at once. It saves on time and also on water and you don't get loads of water and compost all over the floor. You can also attach a water timer and then watering is done automatically, ideal if you are going away on holiday.

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Catalogue Number 1090-3467
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£24.99 each
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