Pea and Bean Growing Frame

£22.99 each

  • Designed to be easy to use.
  • Solid and sturdy growing support.
  • Weather proof, use again year after year.

With our Pea and Bean Growing Frame you can grow your plants with confidence, knowing that they will get all of the support and attention that they require. It is perfectly designed to incorporate climbing plants and allow them to create impressive displays of colour.

Put together and assemble with ease due to its push fit joints, then all you have to do is simply clip the 10cm² (4 sq inches) polypropylene netting onto the strong sturdy frame. Once that is attached you then simply secure your frame into the ground using the galvanised ground pegs provided. That’s it! It’s really that simple!

Although our frame is perfect for sweet peas, it’s also ideal for a range of other climbing plants as it will provide them with all the support that they need.

W: 2.6ft H.6ft6 L3ft9

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Catalogue Number 1090-7070
  • Quantity 1x Support Frame

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£22.99 each
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