Pea Meteor- Seeds

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Give the plants some cloche protection against the worst of the winter weather and you will be picking the earliest possible peas from your garden. Meteor is so reliable either autumn or spring sown, and is low growing, so suitable even for the smallest gardens.

Sowing Time:

October- early November or Feb- May.

Sowing outdoors:

Make a flat bottomed drill 15cm (6in) wide and water it well. Sow about ten seeds per 30cm (12in), spacing them evenly in a zig zag manner. Cover with about 2cm (1in) of soil, and firm it down with the flat edge of a rake. Allow about 60cm (24in) between rows. As seedlings emerge, the shoots are very attractive to birds, but a few little twigs placed over the rows will give some protection.

Special Note: Autumn and early spring sowings will benefit from cloche protection. Support: As the peas start to grow, support them with netting or pea sticks. The plants will reach a height of up to 45cm (18in)

Aftercare: Keep well watered, especially in dry spells.

Harvest: May- August, depending on sowing times.

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£2.49 each
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