Peanut Butter & Fruit Jar 340g

£3.99 each

  • High in protein, low in salt
  • Comes in reusable and recyclable jar
  • Attracts UK garden bird favourites 

Give those colourful garden birds a protein-packed treat with Peanut Butter & Fruit jar, especially formulated for healthy birds. Blue tits and other garden birds enjoy peanut butter but the peanut butter we as humans eat is too salty for their diet.

For this reason this Peanut Butter & Fruit recipe is low in salt so birds can enjoy this protein-packed treat and maintain great health. In a robust glass jar that fits well into our Old Wood Peanut Butter Jar Feeder the peanut butter within is well protected and keeps fresh.

With added fruit this high-protein bird food attracts fruit-eating birds like finches including greenfinches which are full of fun in their behaviour.

1x 340g Jar.

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Catalogue Number 80400210
  • Quantity 1x 340g Jar

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£3.99 each
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