Pear Twin Tree - Conference & Louise Bonne de Jersey

£26.99 each

  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Will flower well in full sun

Two great varieties that grow on one tree- what could be better.
Just plant one tree and you can choose to harvest two types of pears; whether you want to eat fresh pears off the tree or pick them for the perfect tarte aux poires.

Our fruit trees are expertly trained so they have strong main branches, ready to fruit heavily once planted and well-established. Our varieties are specially grafted onto roots that keep trees smaller for easier harvests, while maintaining impressive yields.

Pear 'Conference' is the country's favourite pear, and small wonder as it is so versatile. Delicious and juicy and sweet enough to eat when young and crisp straight from the tree. Very easy to grow with an upright habit. Produces a heavy crop of longish khaki-green fruits. 

Pear 'Louise Bonne de Jersey' – delicious white flesh and attractive mottled green, red-blush skin. Has truly lovely blossom too in spring.

✔ Two varieties grafted onto one stem

✔ An extended cropping season

✔ 2 different flavours from the same amount of space

✔ More room in your garden for other crops

✔ The two varieties pollinate each other

✔ Ideal for small plots, patios or kitchen gardens

✔ Grows well in large containers

Pear Twin Tree: Conference & Louise Bonne de Jersey grafted onto one root stock

Rootstock: Quince A

Flowering Group: FG3

Years until fruiting from planting: 2-4

Age of tree at despatch: 2

Height at full growth: 4m/13ft

Most of our trees are delivered as bare rooted specimens with approximate height of: 3.5ft - 5ft / 105cm - 140cm depending on the variety.

In order to ensure a good pollination pick fruit trees from within the same or from adjacent flowering groups.

The vast majority of the trees we ship have been pruned and will appear trimmed.

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Catalogue Number 1070-9366
  • Quantity 1x Bare Root Twin Tree
  • Height Fully Grown: 4m / 13ft

Delivery: Early November to Late April

£26.99 each
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