Peckish Complete 2kg Duo Pack

£9.98 each

  • Save £6 buying 2 x 2kg seed bags
  • 12 seeds and nuts ingredients
  • Food favourite for the UK's top 10 garden birds

Loved by the UK's top 10 garden birds, you'll have robins, blackbirds, blue tits and more flocking to your feeders. Take advantage of this money-saving offer and pocket £6 when you order 2 x 2kg bags of Peckish Complete.

This tasty seed mix has 12 high-quality ingredients, such as sunflower hearts, flaked naked oats and kibbled wheat. Plus it has vital vitamins and calcium and is totally edible, meaning there's no waste or leftover seed cases.

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Catalogue Number 60050099
  • Quantity 2x 2kg Bag

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£9.98 each
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