Peckish Natural Energy Balls x50 with FREE Feeder

£15.00 each

Give the birds all the energy when the weather’s cold with our high energy balls made from 100% natural ingredients and enhanced with high-energy sunflower seeds, so tasty for the birds.

Keep them well fed over winter with these Peckish 100% Natural Energy Balls to keep birds alive. The fat is high-energy and calorific to keep birds’ metabolism in full working order- so important for maintaining body heat through the colder months.

Simply pop the energy balls into the FREE click-top feeder. Simply twist to the right to release and fill your feeder. Replace lid by twisting the lid to the left. Your feeder comes with a hook to hang up on a perch or branch or hook if you have a free-standing bird station.

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Catalogue Number 2500216
  • Quantity 50x Energy Balls and Feeder

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£15.00 each
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