Peckish Peanuts 12.75kg Duo

£49.98 each

  • Fills an average feeder more than 50 times
  • Watch colourful and striking birds flock to your feeder
  • Help small vulnerable garden birds
  • 560kcal in every 100grams
  • Peanuts tested for aflatoxins
  • Husk free whole peanuts for no mess
  • Cost effective, 2x12.75kg sacks, delivered to your door

Get 2 x 12.75kg sacks of quality whole peanuts for your favourite garden birds. This dependable and high-energy source of food is perfect for colourful and striking garden birds like blue tits, chaffinches, woodpeckers and many more species.

Every batch of Peckish peanuts is audited and tested for aflatoxin so you can rest assured your birds get the best quality food.     

Peanuts contain 560Kcalories in every 100grams, a large amount of quality energy, essential for the survival of small, vulnerable birds. Fully edible, these whole nuts have no husks, meaning you get more for your money and there’s no mess under your bird feeder.

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Catalogue Number 60051008
  • Quantity 2x 12.75kg Sacks

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£49.98 each
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