Petrol Earth Auger 52cc

£199.00 each

  • Three diameter drills
  • Makes light and accurate work of digging holes
  • Runs on two-stroke engine, easy to hold

Enjoy the light work your hand-held petrol-powered Earth Auger makes of creating holes in the ground for planting holes for trees and shrubs or creating long holes to put in fence posts.

Each drill length is 800mm to make holes significantly deep as you need it. With three attachments you have the scope to complete a range of gardening tasks. Attachable drills come in 100,150 and 200mm diameter to suit the task in hand.

With FREE 2-stroke oil.

With FREE fuel-mixing bottle.

With user guide and tool kit.

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Catalogue Number 1090-6001
  • Quantity 1x Earth Auger

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£199.00 each
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