Pinks Cottager Mix

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These old fashioned pinks, with their heady perfume, will delight you in early summer for many years. The double and semi double blooms are long lasting cut flowers.

Sowing Indoors: Almost fill a seed tray with moist seed compost. Sow seeds thinly over the surface, DO NOT cover. Place in warmth 18-22 Deg- C 64- 72 Deg –F

Growing on: Keep seedlings in a light position, but shade from bright sunlight. When large enough to handle, transplant 5cm (2in) apart into trays of potting compost.

Hardening off/ Planting out Gradually accustom plants to outside conditions for 2-3 weeks before planting out when danger of frost has passed. Allow 20-30cm (8-12in) between plants.

Special note: Sowings mad Aug- Oct should be kept in a frost- free place during winter, before planting out the following spring.

Flowering Time: May- July

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  • Height 30cm (12in)

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£1.99 each
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