Plant Support Bundle

£8.98 each

  • SAVE £3 on this plant support bundle compared to buying items individually
  • Give flowers secure support to stop them from flopping over
  • Great for supporting home-grown peas and beans
  • Containing natural and organic jute twine

Get this trusted plant support bundle containing jute twist tie and split green garden canes. Get this bundle and you have the kit you need to tie up the long climbing stems of flower favourites. Also ideal for keeping pea and broad bean plants upright and making cradles to place around plants.

Your kit consists of:

20x Split Green Garden Canes – 60cm split canes easy to press into soil for trusted supports of a range of perennials and tall annuals. Create a framework with these canes around perennials such as peonies for support to stop plants from flopping over. Reuse canes again and again, from season to season.

1x 4.75m Jute Twist Tie – natural-look, strong tie that makes great material for supporting stems onto individual canes or for running along the outside of a framework of canes to support stems within. Perfect for growing broad beans or peas.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4810
  • Quantity 20x Green Canes & 1x 4.75m of Jute

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£8.98 each
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