Plantpak Cold Frame

£79.99 each

  • Perfect for extending your growing season and warming the soil for good plant root development. Just place over the soil over winter.
  • Adjustable locking stays means you can choose the desired ventilation – unique to Plantpak
  • Attractive solid wood cold-frame in dove-grey
  • Warms the soil for earlier sowing and planting by around three weeks
  • Height: 32cm, length 90cm, width 82cm

This attractive solid wood cold frame is a great addition to the gardener’s growing kit. It makes a lovely gift and allows the enthusiastic gardener in your life to grow more flowers and crops, extending the growing season.

With 5mm thick UV-treated polycarbonate glazing your cold frame gives your plants within the right amount of sunlight for good and healthy growth and protects them from damaging weather while your plants are young and vulnerable.

Perfect for propagation the Plantpak Cold Frame provides the ideal environment for seedlings and young plug plants to develop to the next stage after you’ve potted them on but before they are tough enough to go into the garden for good.

Open up the roof with the adjustable locking stays for good ventilation; open slightly on cold days and fully open on warm, clear days. 

Useful Tip

Warm the soil in your flower bed simply by placing your cold frame over the soil where you want to raise your flowers and plants. Warmer soil promotes roots to develop faster which in turn encourages more leafy and flowering stems to emerge in the springtime.

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£79.99 each
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