Plum Moth Trap

£8.99 each

Contains 2 lures, 2 sticky bases & 1 trap.

Moths lay eggs in developing fruit flowers, producing grubs which eat the centre of the growing fruit leaving behind unpleasant frass.

This trap uses a pheromone to lure and catch male moths, preventing them from mating with females.

  • Long life pheromone, lasts the whole season.
  • Pesticide free, safe for beneficial insects.
  • Place traps in trees in early May.
  • Refills available, traps can be reused.
  • Restricted opening to prevent birds getting caught.

Remove the trap by the beginning of September and dispose of the lure and sticky insert. Trap can then be cleaned and used again with a new refill the following year.

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  • Quantity 1x Moth Trap

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£8.99 each
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