Plum Opal - Tree

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  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Will flower well in full sun

Plum Opal is one of the best flavoured early plums, it is sometimes considered a gage-like plum due to its excellent flavour.

The flavour depends mainly on the development of sugar during the short growing period, in the UK Opal benefits greatly from being grown against a south-facing wall or in a sunny area.

If you don’t have a location which is similar to these it will still give excellent crops but the taste of the Plum won’t be quite as intense.

The fruit is medium-sized, a dusky red colour with heavy bloom which becomes a brilliant blue when it is ripe. The plums will ripen over a period of about 2 weeks.

The flesh of the fruit is straw-yellow and is very juicy. Plum Opal is a semi-freestone type, so the stone falls away easily from the flesh. If the fruits are picked on a warm day in July and placed in a fruit bowl, the fruit also has a wonderful aroma.

The plum is primarily designed to be eaten fresh, it also very useful when used for making jams and fruit crumbles. We recommend this excellent variety because it is very easy to grow in many different climates and it provides quality plums very early in the season.

Rootstock: St Julian A

Flowering Group: FG3

Years until fruiting from planting: 2-4

Age of tree at despatch: 1

Height at full growth: 4m/13ft

Most of our trees are delivered as bare rooted specimens with approximate height of: 3.5ft - 5ft / 105cm - 140cm depending on the variety.

In order to ensure a good pollination pick fruit trees from within the same or from adjacent flowering groups.

We may prune your tree before it arrives to your door. We do this to encourage your tree to branch freely which makes them better looking and more productive.

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Catalogue Number 1070-9372
  • Quantity 1 bare root tree
  • Height Fully Grown: 4m/13ft

Delivery: Mid November to Late May

£21.99 each
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