Pond Care

Caring for your pond and wildlife couldn't be easier with our fantastic range of high quality aquatic products.

Our pond experts have created a simple range of key products that any pond & fish owner may require throughout the year.

We believe there is nothing quite as calming as the music made by moving water and no better reward than watching a healthily balanced pond where wildlife thrives and aquatic plants bloom.

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Oenanthe Javanica 'Flamingo' - 1L Potted Pond Plant

Oenanthe Javanica 'Flamingo' - 1L Potted Pond Plant

Attractive green, white and pink leaves ... More

Pack Quantity: 1x 1L Potted Pond Plant



Oxygenating Young Pond Plant Collection - Submerged Plants

Great for oxygenating your pond! ... More

Pack Quantity: 1 of each bunch


2 Results