Pond Flakes Fish Food Tub 5L

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  • Complete food staple
  • Lightweight flakes
  • Sealable tub

A good staple-diet fish food, flaked for easy and light carrying to take care of all your favourite pond fish including goldfish, orfes, shubunkins and prize koi. This is the perfect complete food for beginner carers of fish and fish rearers. Feeding instructions as stated below and given on the tub.

High in protein 18%, and with crude fats & oils at 2%, crude fibres 1% and crude ash 2.2% these flakes are great for fish health overall while fish are active in the spring and summer, and they have high metabolisms. Strengthen with vitamin A, D, E and C your fish maintain healthy fins, scales and bright eyes.

Use the complete fish food Fish Fuel Mixed Pond Flakes in spring and summer. It’s a blend of three food flake types -Natural Pond Flakes, Paprika Pond Flakes & Spirulina (good bacteria) Pond Flakes; all varieties are fully digestible and enhanced with wheatgerm.

Please note: Feed twice to four times daily while water temperature is 8°C (46°F) or above; net out uneaten food after five minutes to avoid uneaten food build-up. Once you have opened your tub store it in a cool place and keep lid fully sealed to keep the food dry.

Flakes not suitable for human consumption.

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Catalogue Number 1090-2264
  • Quantity 1x 5L Tub containing 500g weight

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£9.99 each
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