Potato Gro-Sacks & Fertiliser Pack

£12.48 each

  • Grow potatoes in small spaces
  • Large, tough and versatile sack design
  • 75g fertiliser boosts crops

With the 3-pack of Gro-Sacks and 75g Gro-Sack fertiliser, you have the perfect products to grow tasty potatoes.
If you have a small garden or outdoor space, the Gro-Sacks are ideal for planting and harvesting. Their 50l size means 3 potato plants can be placed in each one, giving you between 15 to 30 potatoes from each sack.
Made from tough materials, they'll last for years and you'll even find them useful for other jobs, like moving heavy garden products and waste.
Use the special 75g fertiliser pack that's full of fantastic potash nutrients to give your planting compost or soil the best start before you plant. The fertiliser is enough to use in all three Gro-Sacks.

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Catalogue Number 1090-6659
  • Quantity 3x Gro-Sacks & 75g of Fertiliser

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£12.48 each
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