Potato Nicola x15 Tubers

£5.99 each

  • Will flower well in full sun

Buy 15 tubers of potato Nicola, that’s 5 tubers to plant in every Gro-Sacks so you get dozens of tasty new potatoes from planting in a well-sized sack that you can grow on the patio or even in the backyard.

Whether you choose to grow this autumn-cropping potato variety in open soil on the allotment or in a purpose-made Gro-Sack, you’ll be rewarded with a generous crop of new- type potatoes in autumn.

Protect your potato plants from cold nights by covering them with horticultural fleece when cold nights are forecasted. If you are growing them in a Gro-Sack consider bringing them indoors on cold nights if they are not too heavy and returning them outdoors by day.

As the stems of your potato plants grow earth up soil around the base of your potato plants periodically. This discourages the edible tubers from greening-up and becoming poisonous.

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Catalogue Number 1050-6708
  • Quantity 15x Potato Tubers
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