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Potting Up Seedlings

Once your seedlings have filled the modules Seedlingsor pots with roots they will need some more room to continue to grow strong and healthy.

Step 1

Fill individual 3-inch (7.5cm) pots with Multi-Purpose Compost with added John Innes or John Innes No 2. Make a hole big enough to take the roots in the compost in each pot using a dibber or pencil.

Step 2

Gently loosen the plants in the modules or pots and then dig them out with a dibber or pencil, holding onto a leaf and not the delicate stem.

Step 3

Drop the roots of the plant into the hole in the compost tap the pot to distribute the compost evenly around the roots. Water using a watering can with a fine spray.

Step 4

Keep in a frost-free place until all danger of frost has passed. Water your plants and feed them regularly with Feed-all Plant Food (or Ericaceous Plant Food for acid loving plants) to support the early spring growth and to ensure that they have the best possible start.


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