Pre-Compost Bokashi Bin Pair with Bran

£80.99 each

  • Two 23 litre Bokashi bins- one to fill, other to ferment (H42cm x W30cm x D30cm)
  • Full instructions included
  • With tap, drainage tray, scoop, masher and cup
  • 2 kg Bokashi bran

Bokashi Bins are clean, without odour and a piece of cake to use.

 your food waste to one of your Bokashi Bins and sprinkle some Bokashi Bran over the top and do this every time you add waste to the bin until the Bokashi Bin is full.

Leave your Bin for a couple to three weeks to complete the fermentation process, extracting excess liquid out using the tap every few days. Once complete, your waste is ready to add to the garden.

Finish the fermented waste in your compost heap or introduce in to a wormery (a house of worms). Because the Bokashi has fermented the food odours are neutralised. It will no longer attract vermin when put into your composter as the smells are absent.

Adding fermented compost to a wormery will speed up the process in your wormery which helps to produce nutrient rich liquid for composting. The oxygen-absent process it goes through in the Bokashi Bin and the oxygen-present process in the wormery come together to make the quickest process of turning raw food waste to usable and nutritious soil conditioner.

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Catalogue Number 1090-6048
  • Quantity 2x 23L Bins & 2kg of Bran
  • Size H:42cm x W:30cm x D:30cm (Each Bin)

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£80.99 each
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