Premium 12 Seed Wild Bird Food Mix 12.55kg

£25.75 each

Give garden birds the chance to survive the cold weather with Premium 12 Seed Wild Bird Food Mix. It’s premium before all the seeds have been carefully sourced, selected and cleaned to keep your cute garden birds fighting fit.

All husks are absent for no mess and all the ingredients are entirely edible.

With added suet pellets and oil garden birds like blue tits and finches get the energy they need and essential fats which help them develop a set of feathers vital for keep them adequately warm over winter and in good stead for the breeding season from early spring.

12 different seeds cater for different beak shapes and sizes so you can enjoy a whole gamut of garden birds full of colour and character.

Fill your seed feeders with this quality mix or scatter some on your bird table – this will cater for perching birds like robins and dunnocks as well as clinging birds like blue tits and nuthatches.

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Catalogue Number 80100130
  • Quantity 12.55kg bag of Premium 12 Seed Mix

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£25.75 each
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