Rain Diverter Kit

£18.99 each

  • Collects rainwater from roof gutters for garden use
  • Fits standard 6.8cm diameter downpipes or 6.5cm square downpipes
  • Prevent overflowing water butt by diverting excess rainwater back to the downpipe
  • Kit includes 47cm hose, connectors, washers and full fitting instructions

Get this rain diverter kit to be the better and more water-wise gardener. 

This rain diverter kit allows you to extract rain water as it passes through downpipes so you can collect rainwater, useful for garden plants during times of drought when water is scarce. Rainwater has its benefits over tap water as rainwater has a pH more useful to garden plants like hydrangeas and blueberry crops.

Particularly helpful for vegetable plants too stored rainwater can be a life–saver for well-deserved crops especially in hot, dry summers. 

Please note: Unsuitable for cast iron downpipes. Some water butts will require drilling in order to attach.

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Catalogue Number 1090-6045
  • Quantity 1x Rain Diversion kit

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£18.99 each
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