Rake N Tamp

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  • Great for the autumn tidy-up
  • Perfect for small garden
  • Handy 2 in 1 tool

Collect and compress your garden waste with this lightweight stainless steel rake.  The sliding and locking mechanism expands and retracts the tines, effortlessly converting the 2 in 1 tool between a rake and tamper.

Collect all your leaves then slide the locking mechanism and transform your rake into a tamping tool, allowing you additional space in your garden bin or composter. Vital when space is at a premium in your garden.

With rubber handle, it’s soft on your hands to make it comfortable to use whether you’re in the garden for ten minutes or an hour or two. 

The ridged platform serves as a base for upright storage, or alternatively use the hanging hole to keep it off the floor when not in use.

Length Retracted: 130cm (51in)

Length Extended: 170cm (67in)

Width Retracted: 14.4cm (5.6in)

Width Extended: 80cm (31in)

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Catalogue Number 1090-5374
  • Quantity 1x Rake and Tamper Tool

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