Raspberry Canes - Versailles x12 - Primocane

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  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun

Get extra large raspberries from this brilliant variety Versailles on raspberry plants that are thornless and grow nice and upright. Extra-large red fruit abounds on these raspberry plants from August and into September and they come back year after year.

Ideal to harvest with all the family as the raspberry are large and the stems are thornless. Every one of your 12 plants will produce a punnet of raspberries every year. Your plants give you a good harvest of fruit for around seven years so that around a total of 84 punnets. The savings you make growing your own raspberries is amazing, working out at around 30p a punnet.

Simply cut the stems that fruited in autumn to the ground the following spring and put down a generous layer of bulky compost around the base of the stems to feed the plants- raspberries are particularly hungry.

Your plant will arrive as bare-root specimens, inspected and certified by DEFRA, ready to plant from autumn through to early spring around 30cm (12in) apart.

Remove all packaging from your bare root plant and steep the roots in water while preparing the ground for planting. Plant immediately if you can, or place plants temporarily in a cool, airy position with the roots covered loosely in soil for a maximum of a couple of days before planting in their permanent position.

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Catalogue Number 1060-5973
  • Quantity 12x Bare Root Raspberry Canes
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