Raspberry Continuity Collection - Regular Canes

4 Months of Raspberries

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  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Will flower well in full sun

If you want to grow raspberries but are unsure of which ones to go for, why not try our Continuity Collection. This way you can try three different types of raspberry and have constant supply for up to four months. Raspberries help to maintain the immune system and are easy to add to your diet and also taste amazing raw or added to many different recipes. You can also freeze them and use them to chill drinks. This collection contains:

  • Glen Ample – This particular raspberry is an exceptionally heavy cropper that are ready to pick from mid-July. The large berries have an excellent flavour and are produced on spine-free canes so harvesting is really easy.
  • Malling Juno – early to harvest and you can enjoy its wonderful flavours from June. The deliciously sweet, radiant red berries are perfect for eating fresh as they have a firm texture and will not become mushy.
  • Joan J – Fruiting from late July until October, Joan J yields a very high crop of big, deliciously juicy and sweet-tasting berries.

Cut down cane to about 2cm (1in) above ground level at the time of planting. This will encourage multiple canes to grow from the ground. There are two types of raspberry and these are floricane, which means they are a summer-fruiting variety, and primocane which means they are autumn- fruiting. This variety can grow wider than the floricane so make sure you have the right amount of space.

Raspberry Joan J is protected by Plant Variety Rights and cannot be propagated even for own use and resold without licence.

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  • Quantity 18x Raspberry Canes, 6x of Each Variety

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£27.97 each
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