Raspberry Glen Ample - Plants - Floricane

£19.98 each

  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Summer fruiting
  • Deep red raspberries
  • Up to 50lb of fruit once established

You will receive 12 raspberry canes for more raspberries through the summer period. The Raspberry Glen Ample has a fine flavour which makes it one of the most popular of the raspberry varieties. During the summer, the Glen Ample will produces large, deep red berries from mid-July onwards which is one of reasons it won the RHS Award for Garden Merit.

Raspberry Glen Ample is a heavy cropper and has spine free, upright canes. They have relatively few leaves and this means picking your delicious fruit, full of immune system strengthening antioxidants, is a lot more pleasurable as you do not have to fight through foliage and spines to get to those delicious fruits.

We recommend you plant your raspberry Glen Ample in fertile, well-drained soil whether in the ground or in a pot and your 12 raspberry canes will grow up to 2m (6 1/2 ft). Make sure they are in full sunshine and see your delicious raspberries ripen to red from the first week of July. If you only have room for one summer raspberry, this is the one for you.

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Catalogue Number 1060-5555
  • Quantity 12x Bare Root Raspberry Canes

Delivery: Early November to Early May

£19.98 each
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